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Children and Young People Guide’s

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We have created a Children’s Guide for under 11’s and another for those aged over 11 for Young People.


Useful Information

We have compiled an area of information that you might find useful.

Birth Children

Birth Children are of huge importance in any fostering family. There is a large amount of academic research which has highlighted the positive impact on children within a fostering family.

There are short-term benefits such as

  • sharing
  • understanding behaviours
  • developing relationships
  • learning from other cultures
  • …among many more.

The long-term benefits extend well into adulthood and there is suggestion that many birth children from fostering families go on to foster themselves or enter into caring professions.

Events and Children’s Council

All children and young people will be invited to attend our Summer and Winter events in addition to the regular Children’s Councils. Every Summer and Winter we will organise a big day out or all children, carers and staff to meet up and experience something fun! This is an amazing opportunity to feel a part of the FCL Family and get to know eachother.

You will be invited to share your ideas and discuss your feelings.

If you have any ideas or suggestions of activities you would like to do please suggest these to your foster carer and/or their social worker!