Standards and Quality of Care

Foster Carer Charter

In principle we aim to provide the following:

Carers can expect

  • Child focused practice
  • Working in partnership
  • Transparency and clear decision making
  • Equal, fair and respectful treatment
  • Consultation to reflect and improve upon the service
  • Experienced support, training and advice
  • Treated like a professional with the relevant development

Fostering Changes Life can expect

  • Training, support and advice
  • Working in partnership
  • Sharing information and communication
  • Being treated with respect
  • Child centred practice
  • Once established within 12 months we will hold a steering group to consult our carers to develop a charter which is in line with the carer’s ideas and values.

Data Protection and Retention
Data is incredibly important to us; we will always keep your information safely and securely.

Monitoring and Quality Assurance
The Registered Manager oversees a comprehensive realm of information ensuring that standards are met and quality assured.

The team will have access to audits which will be actioned to ensure that compliance is paramount.

Matching Process
From experience we realise how important it is to ensure that all children and young people are carefully matched to the right approved fostering household. We want to ensure that the best progress can be made.

During the matching process for the child, we consider many aspects including;

  • Safeguarding
  • Personal history
  • Health, wellbeing and disability
  • Education
  • Contact
  • Identity, ethnicity, culture and/or religion
  • Behaviours and risk management
  • Interests and aspirations
  • Overall objectives/outcomes for the placement

The matching process will also consider the foster carers including;

  • Availability
  • Terms of approval
  • The carers location and distance to school, friends, contact and local authority
  • The experience of facilitating and/or supervising contact
  • Any other looked after children in placement
  • Their ability to transport children
  • Own children and other household members

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