Our Vision and Our Mission

Our Vision

What we want to achieve

To provide dedicated fostering care to children and families whilst we are on the fostering journey together.

For children and families to accomplish opportunities together and triumph.


  • Positive commitment
  • Family based
  • Investing in people
  • Professional integrity

Our Mission

How we are going to achieve

We have experience as foster carers and social workers ourselves and will show compassion towards you and your role.

Support all children, young people and carers by sharing knowledge and spreading what we know.

We will do this by investing in people; our children and their future, our carers and our staff team through positive training and support.

We will carry out our duties with professional integrity, dedicated to all of our children and young people and we will safely recruit staff.

Our Values and Principles

  •  Collectively achieve our goals and aspirations as a team working collaboratively
  • Promote development, independence and preparation
  • Inspire an empowering environment for all who are involved with Fostering Changes Life
  • Encourage creativity to permeate through the lives of everyone
  • Create a fulfilling promise to support everyone to achieve their potential
  • Promote every achievement no matter how big or small
  • Provide a range of opportunities for foster children, birth children, foster carers and staff
  • Positively promote achievements
  • Harness an inclusive culture for all individuals and diversities
  • Practice fairness and equality for all people
  • Invest in our children and young people and their carers for their futures
  • Maintain a positive commitment to our role and responsibility
  • Practice with professional integrity and virtue
  • Work to maintain continuity for children and young people and their carers, with a sound and transparent financial basis.







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Our Commitment

For Children

  • All children will be given a ‘Welcome Guide’ which is age appropriate
  • We will support you at any meetings
  • We will support your wishes
  • You will have regular meetings with your social worker
  • We aim to provide a clear and transparent space for practising collaboratively
  • The chance to enjoy fun days out and engage in activities as a part of Fostering Changes Life
  • We will provide children and young people with regular forums
  • We will create a savings account for you from the day you start, for you to take with you when you move

For Foster Carer’s

  • We will provide you with a Foster Carer’s Handbook
  • You will be given a designated ‘Supervising Social Worker’ who will provide guidance and support
  • We aim to be clear and transparent with all our decisions and processes
  • We will host informal Support Groups or coffee mornings regularly
  • We will provide you with 24 hours support via our ‘Out of Hours’
  • The chance to for everyone to enjoy fun days out and engage in activities as a part of Fostering Changes Life
  • We will pay for your membership with FosterTalk, to provide you with unlimited independent advice, legal expenses insurance, access to their legal advice line and much more
  • You are entitled to an annual respite allowance payment

Where are we?


We are based in Lancashire and cover all areas of the North West of England.



Get in touch with us if you are in these areas and would like to foster.

We have a wealth of experience as foster carers and social workers.  


Email: info@fcl.care


Call us: 0330 1330 706


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