GOOD Ofsted Rating & Looking Back At FCL’s First Year!

First Year Reflection

FCL have taken a moment to reflect during our recent ‘Agency Development Day’ at how far we have come as an organisation – despite the many challenges, both from the pandemic and also personal ones. We have worked hard to engage and recruit many carers and to ensure they feel we have a family and child centric approach. 

We have welcomed many carers to our organisation from an array of diverse communities and backgrounds; each bringing their individuality, compassion and empathy as Foster Carer’s.

Children have enjoyed their time meeting via online children’s groups. Our Social Worker’s and Foster Carer’s have collaborated creatively together putting on array of activities including with arts & crafts and bean planting! Please read about these on our social media and blog pages. 

Through this time many have only met each other via virtual meetings, but soon we look forwards to our first face to face support group in the coming weeks and a summer event to celebrate the success we have all achieved in such a short time as a team of professional and dedicated staff alongside our brilliant Foster Carer’s

‘GOOD’ Ofsted Rating!

One year since first registering with Ofsted we are very pleased to announce we have achieved a ‘GOOD’ Ofsted rating! I am confident that a secure foundation has been built which we will continue to build upon over the coming years. 

FCL are so proud and happy to celebrate that just over one year since we successfully registered with Ofsted and we have had a very impressive year despite the challenges faced from the pandemic.


Finally, if you’re thinking of becoming a Foster Carer, or looking to transfer to an agency that will go the extra mile for Foster Carers and the children they care for, please contact us for further information! You can do this by calling our office on 0330 133 0706 or emailing myself at to schedule a call at any time suitable for you. 

 Thanks for taking your time to read this. 

Raymond Porter FCL fostering 


Responsible Individual & Director

Where are we?

We are based in the North West of England.

We cover all areas stretching from Lancaster to Liverpool and even further! Get in touch with us if you are in these areas and would like to foster. We have a wealth of experience as foster carers ourselves and social workers. 


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