This blog is dedicated to highlighting the financial support we are increasing for our foster carers. We want to minimise the impact of the ‘Cost of Living Crisis’ on our children and families as well as ensuring that prospective applicants feel welcome to change their careers into foster care. It may not feel that now is the right time to consider a career change due to a difficult economic climate, if you feel this way we would love to support you through any discussions around becoming a foster carer. You can read our ‘Could I Foster’ FAQ’s here.

We know that there are many great people out there, like YOU, who want to care for children but maybe feel that they cannot afford to do this. We want to make sure that any household who want to foster can do so with the right financial support.  There is currently a national shortage of around 9000 foster carers and as the number of children in care is set to soar to over 100,000 by 2025 there has never been a time where foster carers are needed more. 

As it is a big decision to start a new career, especially as we approach a difficult financial time with the ‘cost of living crisis’. Please be aware that we have increased our weekly pay, per child, from 1st November 2022 to help support any financial worries that may arise. We don’t want to see any child be affected or impacted over the coming months. The increase equates to £1,300 per household annually per child.  This will be reviewed again in the coming months.

Here are some links to foster carers experiences: 

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 If you feel as though now is the time to discuss the start of your fostering journey and to discuss if a career change is possible, call us on 0330 133 0706 or email us on 


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