The Fostering Process

We have begun our Spring/Summer recruitment with a fantastic start at both Whalley Artisan Market and Bury Pride.

One of our next events will be at The Royal Lancashire Show held across 22nd, 23rd and 24th July where you will be able to meet our Freddy-Charles-Lancashire Bear Mascot alongside our team of fantastic Social Workers who will be able to answer any questions face-to-face about fostering that you may have! Find us in the Lifestyle Marquee!

What does the process look like?

Following your ‘Initial Enquiry’ into fostering we will arrange what is called an ‘Initial Visit’ where one of our Social Worker’s will visit your home and find out a bit more how fostering children might fit into your home and lifestyle. If this is a successful visit we will invite you to our ‘Skills-To-Foster’ Training course, which as the name suggests, will help to equip you with some of the skills to foster, as well as navigate any transferable skills you may already have!

Sounds like the process is still for you?

We will issue an online ‘Application Form’ which will ask for a detailed history of your working life along with personal reference checks into your character. Once you have formally submitted this we will initiate the checks into you and your household. This will include DBS checks for anyone aged over 16.

In addition to this a Social Worker will complete an assessment on aspects of your life and draw out the strengths of you as an applicant. This will also assess your skills and experiences caring for children and how they are transferable to being a foster carer. This will take approximately 8-12 visits to your home to cover everything in depth.

Almost There…

‘Panel’ will be held reviewing your assessment report who make a recommendation to our Agency Decision Maker who will have the final say in your application. This is the time for you to shine through and show the panel of professionals (who may also be care experienced individuals themselves), that you have what it takes to foster!

As you will understand there is a lengthy assessment process as it is vital that the right people are caring for some of our most vulnerable children. If you feel as though you could make a difference to a child’s life and have the space in your heart and home then please call us on 0330 133 0706 today!

Thanks for your time,


Panel Administrator


0330 133 0706

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