What are the benefits of being a Foster Carer?

Fostering has many challenges but the rewards both personally and emotionally can far outweigh the tough times! Fostering is a deeply fulfilling act, giving both children and adults the opportunity to flourish together.

You & Your Children

You will learn about yourself and develop new skills! You may feel that you become a better person by understanding more about others. We will provide you with training which will develop you as an individual.

Your own children will benefit. Your children will learn about themselves, developing their awareness and understanding of other people’s lives. Your children will learn how coming from a loving family isn’t a guarantee, developing more empathy for others. They will develop their people skills such as interacting with people from other backgrounds. 

Our Community

Being a part of the FCL Fostering family means joining like-minded people who care for children already. You will join in with our support groups, buddy-scheme, Summer & Winter events, training days and many other opportunities! Our staff team have diverse experiences of their own to share with you.

World Vision

FCL sponsor children of the Sarlahi community in Nepal on behalf of our fostering families. As a part of our added value, and what makes us different, we want to extend our support beyond families in the North-West and support a community in need.

We also see this as a learning opportunity for our team of children, carers and staff to discover about how the children of Salhari benefit from sponsorship.

Foster Talk

You will automatically become a member of Foster Talk when joining FCL, entitling you to a 24/7 independent helpline, legal insurance, fostering helpline, 24/7 counselling support, 24/7 medical helpline, discounts on your home, car and business insurance, discounts on completing your tax return. Foster Talk membership also comes with a Max Card. Max Card’s are the UK’s leading discount card for foster families! They give you free/discounted admission to 1000’s of venues and days out across the U.K. Savings include: Thorpe Park, Legoland, Go Ape, Alton Towers, Butlins and more!

Blue Light

As a foster carer you are entitled to become a Blue Light Member, which gives you discounts off purchases. This includes money off; TV packages, weekly shopping, clothing, days out, holidays and more! The membership is only £4.99 for two years – what a bargain!

What are you waiting for? If you would like to find out more, please call us for a no pressure chat!


Chantelle Haworth

Chantelle Haworth

Fostering Family Birth Child

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