Looking Back At Our Summer!

As we are in September and making new routines at school we have decided to look back at how we spent the summer together. We held a range of day events meeting up as staff, with foster carers and most importantly with the children. These felt like long overdue days together due to the Covid restrictions which we have all lived with until now.


Development Day

On the 30th June we held our first Development Day which was held at The Red Hall, Bury. Here we held discussions and a programme to help enhance the fostering experience for all of our children and foster carers. We had a very successful day planning activities and strategies on how to develop our agency.

Summer Event Fostering Changes Life

Summer Event Fostering Changes Life

Support Group for Foster Carers

On the 7th of July we held our first Face to Face Support Group! This has been very long awaited due to the Covid restrictions which have impacted on the opportunity to meet until now! There was a fantastic turnout from both foster carers and staff, everyone enjoyed productive discussions throughout the morning finished off with a delicious lunch at Bury Golf Club. Everyone left looking forwards to meeting up again with the children together at Wild Discovery, Ribby Hall.

Summer Event at The Wild Discovery, Ribby Hall

What a fantastic day we had for our Summer Event held at The Wild Discovery at Ribby Hall on 11th August. We had an excellent turn out where everybody learnt about the local and faraway conservation efforts. Everyone enjoyed a walk around the site discovering our favourite animals including frogs, reindeer, bats, meerkats, tortoise, snakes, stick insects, the Giant African Land Snail and even a Philipine Crocodile.

We then listened to a talk held teaching us about birds, following this some of us got to stroke the Armadillo!

Finally we all had a walk around the site and spent vouchers provided for each family towards the cost of food and drink. It was a fabulous day! This was a brilliant way to spend the summer holidays!


A man is feeding a cow

Summer Event Fostering Changes Life

t shirt

Summer Event Fostering Changes Life

People are watching a bird show

Summer Event Fostering Changes Life


Summer Event Fostering Changes Life

As the summer turns to a close we now look forwards to our Autumn/Winter 2021 events!

We are excited for;

Foster Carer Support Group’s 22nd September & 3rd November

Staff Development Day October date tbc

And finally, our “Very Special Winter Event” a magical day out for all of the children, carers and staff on Sunday 5th December!