Bleakholt Charity Donation

Throughout October at Fostering Changes Life we decided to take part in an office fitness challenge, alongside a local leaving care organisation Fusion Care, for all to take part in, to promote and encourage a healthy active lifestyle 🥦🚴‍♀️

Everyone taking part in the challenge was required to donate £10 so that the winner could choose a charity of their choice to donate the money too 🌸🌈
The challenge: complete as many miles over the course of the month as possible, whether it be walking, running, cycling or just counting your daily steps 🏃‍♂️🏊🏾
The outcome: collectively with 11 participants we covered over 1,000 miles throughout the month of October! ✅
Lloyd Goldsworthy was the winner of the challenge and he completed 157.4 miles over the course of the month, mainly with big long walks through the countryside 🍂🍁

As the winner of the challenge Lloyd has decided to make the donation to Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary!

bleakholt animal sanctuary

£110 has now been donated to this great cause🌟 They are a charity who believe that every animal deserves a second chance and they often care for animals with health conditions or who are elderly 🐰🐶🐱