Welcome to the first blog post from Fostering Changes Life!


Here you can read about our latest news from staff, carers and children alike. Keep up to date by reading our blog posts about events, achievements and much more! Our first blog is about our Ofsted registration. Fostering Changes Life will continue to provide updates via both our Facebook page and our website!

First Blog Post

Firstly, our blog post has been dedicated to the official Ofsted registration which has been obtained on 11th May 2020. Below, Ray Porter, our Responsible Individual has a few words! Our Ofsted registration number is 2586729. In addition to this, we have become registered during the coronavirus pandemic, for further information about how we are managing during this time click here.

Welcome to FCL!

After an unusual journey navigating through the pandemic we are very pleased to announce our success in registering our new independent fostering agency with Ofsted!

We look forward to welcoming foster carers to our FCL Family where we pride ourselves on having a child-focussed approach to fostering!

I was a foster carer myself and have experienced the highs and lows of every day fostering. I look forward to welcoming you to our organisation where we embrace diversity and have a wealth of experience within our amazing team. Above all, I look forwards to meeting everyone and welcoming them into our organisation!

Ray Porter

Responsible Individual, Fostering Changes Life


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