Why did you join Fostering Changes Life?

I have worked in many organisations over the years and felt as though FCL was a very child-focussed setting. At FCL, we care about the people; the foster carers, the children and the staff. It is really important to build a good foundation!

What kind of experience do you bring to FCL?

I have been a social worker for forty years and have worked with people in all kinds of circumstances. My experience in recent years has been within fostering supporting families to meet the needs of the children they care for. 

Why did you decide to work within a fostering environment?

Fostering supports children and young people to achieve the best outcomes, I feel my skills help to support this process as much as possible. 

Where do you see FCL in the next year?

We are a small agency who are quickly growing and will be carrying out our amazing awards night for all children and young people – even if we do this virtually! I can’t wait to praise all of our young people for what they will achieve in the coming year. 

Tell us something about yourself...

I really enjoy swimming and have been to my local swimming pool as often as I can since my local pool re-opened in a covid secure way. My favourite colour is purple which I love to accessorise with!